Mac OSX or Microsoft Windows

I have started using MacBook Pro since this January and I must admit that I have become fan of not only Mac OSX but also Apple »

Tesla 8 year unlimited warranty

Tesla recently announced that they will provide 8 year unlimited miles warranty to unlimited number of users of its Tesla Model-S 85 kWh cars. This is »

Need for Highly Skilled Teachers in Indian Education System

Indian education system has always been a topic of discussion which touches many areas like politics, economy and future of nation as a whole. Sometimes we »

Financial problem of statups like everpix

Last year, a great photo startup named everpix made announcement that they are going to shut down. That announcement made me sad because just a few »

OctalBonescript - better and stable fork of bonescript

It all started with a little project which I and my friend Hardik Pandya are making BeagleBone Black. All we wanted was to set all pins »